Audio Video, Home Theatre Installation

Home Theatre Installation

Our technicians are fully trained and always take pride in their work. We believe it is the small details that count and that is why our customers always come to us for all audio video and TV installation needs. We are happy to help with the installation of your entire home theater, a single tv mount, or an entire building. Installing a home theater can be a complex process. but our team has the experience and skills to install yours in no time. Our team will take care of all of the steps.

Full Service Audio Video Installation:

  • Measure the dimensions of the room and take note of any obstacles, such as doorways or windows. This will help us determine the size of your screen and the placement of your speakers.
  • Install wiring: Run wiring from your media sources to your AV receiver and from your receiver to your speakers.
  • Install speakers and other components: Once the wiring is in place, We will mount your speakers, install your AV receiver, and connect all of your media sources, such as your Blu-ray player, streaming device, or gaming console.
  • Finally, calibrate your system by adjusting the sound and visual settings to achieve optimal performance.