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Backyard playground moving


Everyone can look back and remember great childhood memories from the playground, swing sets and trampolines.. Anyone who has attempted to assemble / install these items most likely doesn’t have such fond memories. Leave the hard work to our professional playground installers here at Specialty Moving Solutions. We are experienced in working with all the different types of outdoor equipment and work with residential and commercial clients.

  • We have the children in mind when moving and installing backyard playsets and equipment so we always go the extra mile to ensure safety for years to come
  • We move and install all types of commercial and residential playsets, swing sets,  jungle gyms, playhouses and more
  • Custom concrete anchors and pads available


Proven Processes

Our team combined has hundreds of years experience moving pool tables, We have used this experience to put proven processes in place to ensure safety of our crews and your belongings.  

attention to detail

Our attention to even the smallest details are what ensure a successful playground move and install!

Our Team

Our professional playground movers and installers have all been trained with proven methods to ensure even the largest and most complex playset are done with ease.

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