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Heavy Machinery Moving and Rigging
Heavy Machinery and Industrial Moving Services in North Carolina, Trucking & Rigging:

Trucking & Rigging:

Aside from our specialized moving services, we also offer a wide range of trucking and rigging solutions to support your heavy machinery move. Our capability to handle any size or type of equipment, from oversized industrial machines to delicate medical devices. We also provide expert rigging services to safely move large or awkwardly shaped items, ensuring they are securely loaded and transported safely.

heavy haul and oversized load movers in charlotte nc, Heavy Hauling & Oversized Loads

Heavy Hauling & Oversized Loads

Moving large, oversized equipment can be a daunting task. Our team at Specialty Moving Solutions has the knowledge and experience to handle heavy hauls and oversized loads with ease. Our specialized equipment and skilled team ensure that your valuable assets are transported safely and efficiently, no matter their size or weight.

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Machinery Moving & Installation

At Specialty Moving Solutions, we go beyond just transporting your heavy machinery. Our team is also trained to handle the installation and setup of your equipment, ensuring it is accurately placed and installed in its new location. Our meticulous approach means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your machinery will be back up and running smoothly in no time.

Custom Crating & Packaging in Charlotte, NC, Custom Crating & Packaging

Custom Crating & Packaging

We understand that not all machinery and valuable equipment are created equal, and some require extra care and protection during transport. This is why we offer custom crating and packaging services to ensure your equipment is cushioned, secured, and protected from any potential damage during the move. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best crating and packaging solutions for your specific needs and work with you regarding efficient and safe transport.

Crating & Skidding by Specialty Moving Services in Charlotte NC (1), Crating & Skidding

Crating & Skidding

For heavy machinery with irregular dimensions or sensitive components, crating and skidding may be the best option for transport. Our team at Specialty Moving Solutions is well-versed in creating custom crates and skids to securely transport your equipment, providing an added layer of protection during transit. Our ability to custom-create crates & pallets for secure moving and transport is second to none. When it comes to custom services like this, our team will consult with all applicable parties to specify the exact dimensions for each item. From there, our specialty moving specialists will work with your team to pack, protect, load, and transport your items safely.

warehouse loading, relocating and reloading in charotte, nc, Warehouse Loading, Relocation & Reloading

Warehouse Loading, Relocation & Reloading

We understand that not all moves are straightforward from A to B. That’s why we offer warehouse loading, relocation, and reloading services. We also understand the importance of minimizing downtime for your business, which is why we work efficiently to load and unload your facility, ensuring it gets back up and running as soon as possible. Whether you’re refashioning your existing warehouse, moving to a larger facility, or downsizing, our team is here to help!

Medical Equipment Movers in Charlotte, NC, Medical Equipement Movers

Medical Equipement Movers

Moving delicate medical equipment requires specialized care and attention to detail. At Specialty Moving Solutions, we have extensive experience in handling various medical equipment, including MRI machines, X-ray machines, dental equipment, and other sensitive devices. Our team is trained to follow strict protocols for the safe and secure transport of these critical assets. You can trust us with your medical equipment move, knowing that we will handle everything with care. We also offer custom crating services to add an extra layer of protection for your valuable devices.