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Crating, Tradeshow and Reusable Crates

Tradeshow and Reusable Crates

Tradeshow and reusable crates are also custom-built to the specific sizes of each object. Our team will personally meet you, understand your requirements, measure the exact weight, and outline the dimensions of your items.

These crates are for long-term usage, where the lids are specially designed with hinges, locks with wheels, and handles for every unit. We also use several upgraded hardware along with the above features that make the crate easy to transport from one place to another.

Museum Art, Crating, Museum Quality Crating and Shipping

Museum Quality Crating and Shipping

Specialty Moving Solutions cater to museums, art galleries, designers, and auctioneers, assisting them from start to finish till the object reaches its destination. Our company has been serving them for many years and has proven methods that ensure 100% safety and customer satisfaction.

We go beyond the ordinary and possess extensive knowledge of how to crate the complete elements of your museum, transport them to their destination under climate control, and install them properly at their new location.

Art gallery, Crating, Artwork and Antiques Crating

Artwork and Antiques Crating

We understand our customers’ appreciation for their artwork and antiques. They are truly one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable objects that must be treated with utmost care throughout the entire process.

A custom crate is built for every piece of artwork before it leaves home or business. We offer complete local and nationwide shipping as well as art installation services. We make sure that your items safely arrive at your destination.