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Each taxidermy mount has its own one of a kind history whether that be from a trophy hunt, passed down from your loved ones, or just those off the wall conversation pieces we know the importance and make sure to plan accordingly to ensure safety of your mounts. It is essential that the proper techniques are used when handling and moving your mounts, one wrong move can lead to irreparable damage. That is why it is always important to choose a professional taxidermy moving service you can trust. 

Nationwide taxidermy crating, Moving and installation experts


Full line of services to help with all aspects of relocation of your taxidermy.


Point A to B white glove service across town or across the country


Custom Taxidermy Crating and Climate Controlled Storage


Full taxidermy Dismount and remount / installation services

Musk Ox, Ovibos moschatus

Proven Processes

Our team combined has hundreds of years experience moving pool tables, We have used this experience to put proven processes in place to ensure safety of our crews and your belongings.  


We have the best taxidermy crating and moving equipment available.  Ladders, scaffolding, man lifts, onsite crating trucks, customer trailers with decks to secure without crates and more!

Our Team

Our professional taxidermy movers have all been trained with proven methods to ensure even the most fragile and difficult to move taxidermy mounts are moved with ease.

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