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Bank Vault Installation, Bank Vault Installation Services

Bank Vault Installation Services

We are nationally known for our Bank Vault Moving Services! To learn more about this extremely specialized service, simply call our team today!

Installation services, Artwork Hanging and Installation Services

Artwork Hanging and Installation Services

We are the go-to artwork installation company in North Carolina, whether it’s a painting within a residence, hotel, or commercial space. Our professional installers have years of combined experience to ensure you are clear on the entire process and are always satisfied with our work.

Installation services, Sculpture Installation

Sculpture Installation

It takes long hours to create appropriate and secure displays for sculptures, allowing people to safely enjoy the sculpture for years to come. We connect with our customers to get the necessary information, particularly the sculpture’s size, weight, and finish. This way, we can offer our complete package and crating services, such as enclosed or flatbed transfer of the object local or nationwide, custom rigging and crane services, installation of custom bases and foundations.

Installation services, Audio, Video, and TV installation

Audio, Video, and TV installation

We are your one-stop solution for your TV mounting or audio installation needs. Be it an entire home theater, a single television, or an audio system, our trained technicians consider your needs and consider every detail during the installation.

Play ground, Installation services, Playground Installation

Playground Installation

Great childhood memories are days spent with friends on the playground. However, assembling and installing swing sets, see-saws, trampolines, and more require tremendous effort and hard work. Specialty Moving Services offers a variety of quality and safe playground installation services to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Furniture, Installation services, Furniture Installation

Furniture Installation

Our team can handle the installation of your furniture in a flash, so don’t worry about tackling it on your own. You will be surprised by our experts who can exceed expectations and get you back in business in no time. Be it a single piece of furniture or multiple ones in your office space or retail store; we will do the work for you.

Washing Machine, Installation services, Appliance Reconnect Services

Appliance Reconnect Services

We often fail to realize the importance and convenience of appliances until they stop working. A washing machine or a gas stove may look easy to handle, but it can cause some severe damage if roughly handled. Our experts will make sure to safely repair, move, and install your appliances.