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Elite Bank Vault Movers:

Specialty Moving Services also offers specialized Bank Vault Moving services. Our Movers are experienced and trained to large items including safes, and other items with care. We have the right equipment and know-how to ensure that your valued possessions make it safely to their destination.

Moving a bank vault or associated materials is a very big job and requires the right Movers and equipment. Our Movers are experienced in all aspects of heavy-duty moving and will make sure that your move is smooth and stress-free. From our office near Charlotte, NC, we have moved large items all over the country. It all starts with an estimate. If you’re in need of large item relocation, call our Charlotte, NC office today.

Bank vault movers near me, What Does it Take to Move a Bank Vault?

What Does it Take to Move a Bank Vault?

Our vault door movers are equipped and trained to handle any size of bank vault, no matter how heavy or large it may be. With the use of power lift gates and hydraulic dollies, our team of movers can handle any size vault door safely.

Bank Vault Moving is No Easy Task:

We have moved bank vaults of all sizes. Did you know that some bank vaults are over 80,000 pounds? Furthermore, in older buildings, the bank vault was usually the first item installed and the rest of the building was built around it. Our team is experienced at all types of complex moves and our ability to help diagnose every aspect of your vault move prior to demolition will make sure your move goes smoothly.

Why Hire Bank Vault Movers?

Bank vault movers are highly specialized. When a newly purchased building has an old bank vault in it, the new owners may want it removed for safety reasons. Another important note about bank vaults and bank vault doors is that they take up a TON of space. The new owners may want to allocate that space for more functional reasons. Hiring bank vault movers will provide the right expertise to remove the bank vault without causing damage to other parts of the building. Our bank vault moving team will arrive with all of the necessary equipment to extract your bank vault, and move it to it’s new buyer or new location.