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Commercial Moving

Looking to settle into a new facility? Relax and let Specialty Moving Services oversee your relocation. Our well-designed line of moving solutions will make the entire process a seamless transition, helping you get back to business as soon as possible.


Rely on Specialty Moving Services for all your moving needs; we are your one-stop relocation solution. Our expertise includes mounting, delivering, and installing multiple televisions, picture frames, and other commercial appliances.


We specialize in moving heavy items like safes, vault doors, ATMs, and much more. We understand the difficulty that comes with finding secure and comprehensive moving solutions for banks looking to relocate. Let us take care of your needs with our experience and skills.



Hospitals have little to no room for error or delays. We understand that minor issues can often lead to significant problems and would like to be here as your relocation partner, making sure you focus on what’s important. Trust us to get your expensive equipment installed on time.


Equipment and machinery are critical to the survival of industrial or manufacturing facilities. When relocating, time and efficiency are of the essence. Our goal is to assist you through this stressful process.


We work with different kinds of government agencies. Our services include moving entire facilities and moving colossal equipment. Call us today so we can discuss your needs.