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Chandeliers add a beautiful touch to any residence or commercial space. Moving and installation of a Chandelier is not easy and requires the proper knowledge to safely remove, crate, transport and install your Chandelier. You need to make sure you are working with a professional chandelier mover  and installer who has the knowledge and skill. 


  • Full line of chandelier moving  and installation services which include, full disconnect and removal and replacement services
  • Custom Crate to hang and secure your chandelier during transport. 
  • We can install chandeliers and lighting fixtures at any location no matter the ceiling

Proven Processes

Our team combined has hundreds of years experience moving pool tables, We have used this experience to put proven processes in place to ensure safety of our crews and your belongings.  


We have the best chandelier crating and installation equipment available.  All types of ladders, scaffolding, manlifts, genie lifts. Hosting ropes, walk boards and more!

Our Team

Our professional chandelier movers have all been trained with proven methods to ensure even the most expensive and difficult to move chandeliers are completed with ease. 

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